1. The California Energy Commission Rebate Program is $.65 per watt of total cost.
  2. Tax credit Federal Incentive for commercial: One time Federal Tax credit of 30% of the cost.
  3. Federal Depreciation is 34% in the first year.
  4. Cost of Solar Electric System is recovered in less than 8 years.
  5. Increase in the value of your property is about 20 times the value of the power generated in the first year. 
  6. Net Metering Law that allows you to sell any extra electricity that you generate back to the utility at the same rate that you buy it.
  7. The iIncrease in your property value due to your Solar Electric System is exempt from property taxes.
  8. Produce your own power and eliminate or reduce your monthly electricity bill.
  9. Protect yourself from exposure to costly electric rate increases over the next 25-30 years with solar. (Average rate of increase of 5%-7% per year).
  10. Promote a green image for your home solar. And distinguish your home from the competition.
  11.  Fight global warming by reducing your personal carbon emissions and energy impact.
  12. Enjoy reliable energy for a 30-40 year life efficiency warranty.


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