Sun-Xtender VRLA-AGM Battery 12V, 45Ah


Sun-Xtender batteries are absorbed glass matt (AGM) sealed, maintenance free, valve-regulated, lead-calcium alloy batteries designed for deep-cycle PV applications. These batteries feature immobilized, non-spillable electrolyte in AGM microporous sun glass separators. The T series feature copper alloy M8 terminals except on the PVX 340T & 420T which are M6. The L series feature heavy-duty “L” blade terminals. Both are designed for heavy duty, high current capacities. Sun- Xtenders have a wide range of operating temperatures from -40ºF (-40ºC) to 160ºF (72ºC) as well as low self-discharge of approximately 1% per month at 77ºF (25ºC). All include 5/16” silicon bronze bolts for connection except the PVX340T and 420T which include 1/4” bolts. “Non-spillable batteries” for transport-complies with DOT HMR49 Non-hazardous materials. UL recognized system component. Limited two-year warranty. Battery racks available, call for information.

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  • Model: PVX-420T
  • Manufactured by: Concorde

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