Uni-Solar 136 Watt PV Laminate Module


The foundation of the UNI-SOLAR PVL-136 is the
Triple Junction silicon solar cell unique to UNI-SOLAR .
Each cell is composed of three semiconductor junctions
stacked on top of each other. The bottom cell absorbs the
red light, the middle cell absorbs the green light and the top
cell absorbs the blue light. This spectrum splitting capability
is the key to higher efficiency.

The PVL-136 (photovoltaic laminate) utilizes the proprietary Triple Junction solar cells manufactured by UNI-SOLAR. These cells are made in a roll-to-roll deposition process on a continuous roll of stainless steel. The result is a unique, flexible, lightweight solar cell.

The UNI-SOLAR PV Laminates are encapsulated in UV stabilized polymers making them exceptionally durable. Bypass diodes are connected across each cell, allowing the modules to produce power even when partially shaded.

These special roofing laminates are designed to be bonded on 16-inch wide (minimum), flat steel pans. The PVL-136 come with the bonding adhesive factory-installed on the back of the laminate. Included is a rugged, weatherproof junction box and/or Quick Connect Terminals.


Lightweight, Flexible, Durable
Easy to install “peel and apply” application
20 Year warranty on power output
Roll Shippable
Top Termination quick connect or Junction Box
Bypass Diodes for Shadow Tolerance
UL Listed

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  • Model: PVL-136
  • Manufactured by: Uni-Solar

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