Fronius IG 4000 Grid-tie Inverter


The new Fronius IG 4000, grid tied inverters that output up to 4,000 Watts but still weigh only 42 pounds can handle a lot more than previous Fronius inverter models . The key is that these units use the same proven hardware and software as the 60,000 IG units already operating worldwide. It's like having two inverters in one easy-to-install box, but with the advantages of even greater part-load efficiency and increased longevity due to the new IGs' load-sharing ability.

You also get everything you would expect from the leader in inverter technology:

Lightweight: At 42 lbs, these FRONIUS IG inverters are the lightest grid-connected inverters making them easy-to-install.

Flexible: The wide voltage range of 150-500 V allows you to use different types of modules and system configuration possibilities.

Lower Cost: Integrated DC / AC breakers reduce installation time and complexity.

LCD Display: Comes standard with every FRONIUS IG and tracks more than 20 critical system performance parameters.

Plug-and-Play: Expansion slots in the inverter allow you to easily upgrade the inverter with a complete data communication solution.
Get a handle on the world's lightest, easiest-to-install inverters. Put our 60 years of design and manufacturing experience to work on your next job.


Recommended Array Power: 3200-4600 Wp
Max. DC Input Voltage: 500 VDC
Operating DC Voltage Range: 150-450 VDC
Nominal Input Current: 16.3 A
Max. DC Input Current: 26.1 A

Maximum Output Power: 4000 Watts
Nominal Output Voltage: 240 VAC
Utility Votage Range: 212-264 (240 VAC +10%/-12%)
Nominal AC Current: 16.7 A
Max. AC Current: 16.7 A
Operating Frequency Range: 59.3-60.5 Hz (60 Hz nominal)
Peak Efficiency: 94.4%
Cooling: Controlled forced ventilation
Warranty: 10 Years

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  • Model: IG 4000
  • Manufactured by: Fronius

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