Fronius IG Personal Display


The Fronius IG Personal Display is a small device used to monitor inverter functions from up to 15 different inverters, thus allowing you to check your entire system from one place with ease instead of checking each individual inverter.

The Fronius IG Personal Display allows consumer to keep up with the output data from their Inverter without having to constantly keep running to the inverter to check the values. Simply place where desired and be able to read information from up to 15 different inverters.

Monitors up to 15 IG Inverters in the same system
150 ft Indoors / 450 ft Outdoors
900 MHz (varying frequency)
FCC Compliant
Same Easy-to-Navigate LCD as FRONIUS IG
View Total System & Individual Inverter Data
kWh, $ Saved, CO2 Offset
Power, Voltage, Current, Frequency
Easy & Pro Levels to adjust the detail of the display's information
Can be Used in Conjunction with DatCom System
Rechargeable AA Batteries with DC Adapter
Wireless Display for use with the FRONIUS IG Series.

Simple: The FRONIUS IG Personal Display is easy to install and easy to use. It was designed with the homeowner in mind, and is exceptionally easy to navigate. The readout and interface are based on the same industry-leading display that comes standard on all FRONIUS IG Series inverters.

Field-Proven: Although tested to 150 feet indoors and 450 feet outdoors, there are many reports from the field of the units transmitting from much farther distances. And because it is FCC compliant, your customers know it will not interfere with their other household devices.

Effective: The FRONIUS IG Personal Display can aggregate data for up to 15 FRONIUS IG inverters or show data for each individual inverter in a system meaning data from a system that is over 75 kW AC can be viewed together or as sub-systems.

Informative: The FRONIUS IG Personal Display shows instantaneous data such as power, voltage and current, plus it will store the daily and cumulative values as well. The Display offers two levels of access: easy and pro. In the easy level, homeowners can view system basics like power, energy output, CO2 offset, and the number of dollars saved; meanwhile, the pro level offers more advanced users information like voltage, current and grid frequency.

Attractive: The unit was designed with a backlit display and a stylish silver case to attract the attention of solar enthusiasts and their visitors alike. The display can mount on a wall near a thermostat or clock, or be placed on coffee table or nightstand.

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  • Model: IG-PER-DISP
  • Manufactured by: Fronius

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